Job Shadowing Reflection

I wanted to be a teacher but I changed my mind and I now want to be an athletic trainer. My job shadowing experience in general was fun because I went to my old middle school and shadowed my old social studies teacher. He was probably my favorite teacher because he taught me how to play guitar. I realized that you have to have a lot of patience, which is something I don’t really have. I now want to be an athletic trainer because I’ve played sports my whole life so I already have experience with personal injuries. To obtain this role as an athletic trainer I would want to go to Carthage Private College for 3 years and then transfer over to Lewis University for 2 then get a doctorate in biochemistry. Big plans, I know but it’s a good one. I believe I did very well on my presentation because I knew what I was going to say and I elaborated and explained on slides. Plus, I dressed up so I got 5 extra points. When I talked I spoke clearly and everyone seemed interested in what I had to say. I could have maybe talked for a little bit longer or even made a screencast. But I didn’t even practice my presentation so I kind of went up there and winged it. I saw someone else make their presentation a little funny or sarcastic, I could of incorporated that into mine to make my audience laugh. I wish that I would have created a screencast because it may have turned out better than me standing up there and winging it. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t look so much at the screen. The easiest part of the presentation process was probably finding the images for the power point. The hardest part of the presentation process was to try and figure out how to spread out the slides. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I realized that I did a really good job on this project.

Mock Interview Reflection

I do believe these mock interviews helped because you introduced us to the questions we will be asked when applying for a real job. When I was interviewing my classmate I saw what they were doing wrong and made sure that I wasn’t doing it too. I think that having a resume and everything we did in class does help when going to apply for a real job. Plus you gave us a lot of questions so there is lots of possible answers we have ready. I felt like most of us (including myself) need to elaborate more on some of the questions. Also, I felt it was kind of awkward because we all know each other.  For a real interview you should dress to impress because first impressions are all this world is nowadays. You should probably leave your phone in the car too because it would be bad if you were on it. Also be on time, and on time basically means be early because if you’re not early, you’re late. Advice for someone would be to make sure you stay calm and think about what you say before you say it because no one likes a stutterer. I love interviews, interviews are the bomb.

News Reflection

Its the 21st century and there are rarely positive articles in the news anymore. When we got assigned this assignment I was determined to find one that warmed my heart. This is what I found: “North Carolina Church receives Heart-Warming Note with 18 cent Donation”. This article is about a man (unnamed upon request) who is homeless and on a Sunday morning donated basically everything he had, 18 cents, to the church with a note that said “Please don’t be mad, I don’t have much. I’m homeless. God Bless”. This man who barely has anything but the clothes on his body donated money to a church, due to religious beliefs. The man told a pastor at the church over a phone call to keep his name between him, the man and God.  ht_note_lb_150430_16x9_992[1] This is the envelope the man gave the church.  This article isn’t biased because it’s one of the positive things going on in the world. I found this article heart warming and helped me realize that there are still good people in this world. I like to read about sports articles a lot but all the articles for today were on scores to previous games, so the lifestyle category was the next best. This world is really messed up so I tend to stay away from the politics.

Behind The Game of Bowling

Oil pattern breakdowns

The game that I will elaborate on is Bowling. You think it’s just for fun when really there’s more to it. Did you know that each lane has 44 single boards and each arrow and dot on and before the lane is 5 boards? Did you also know that the oil on the lanes can have different patterns that make the oil thicker in the beginning and thinner in the back end? Probably not. Some of sport these patterns are called, New Mexico, Cheetah, Scorpion, etc. Also, if you don’t use a plastic bowling ball that you choose at the lanes with friends, the ball can hook back from the gutter depending on how aggressive the ball is. I throw a 15lb ball and most high school kids do.  It’s a very competitive sport & the state of Nebraska is where you would want to go if you wanted to bowl in college. Bowling scores for boys are higher but girls are closely following as generations continue. Our Joliet West bowling team I was on went down to state this season and got 7th. We’re keeping the same team as last year so hopefully we get top 3 at state next year.

60 Second Shakespeare Reflection

I liked the 60 second shakespeare assignment because we have characters in this class, as in funny people. I feel like some people took it more serious than others but in all, all the groups got their info and point across on scenes. Plus, my group got a 50/50. Every member contributed but some more than others, but when are you going to have full contribution to a group project. I feel like you don’t have to change anything about the assignment because the amount of time was enough. Maybe we can talk a little more so more line room on the script paper. Or raise the limit to 2 minutes so there can be more about the play in them instead of leaving some things out. Make 60 the mimumum it has to be. Also, you could try having the kids pick their own groups from scratch because if someone in a group doesnt want to participate because they don’t like the person in the group. There wasn’t really individual work that was hard. Maybe give extra credit to people with props because it’s hard to understand things when you don’t have a visual. In all i liked the project. Plus, the 12th night wasn’t that bad to understand and it was a good play.

Advice For High School Students

When you get into high school, you’re going to have to find one good friend who you trust because everyone backstabs everyone and at least you would have one friend to keep aside. Also, keep up on homework and grades because you need to make sure your transcripts and GPA is up for colleges to look at. Join as many clubs and sports/activities as you can because it’s so fun to be involved. All the groups do fun things as well as buidling friendships with teammates. Winning as a team and having that bond with eachother is so much fun. If you have the chance also take honors classes. They’re not hard if you pay attention and keep up on homework. Plus in the long run you have a weighted GPA and have a greater chance of being in NHS (National Honor Society). Which looks AMAZING on college applications. Make sure to have fun and party a little bit because really, who doesn’t?

Commenting Tips

Pro- Using correct grammar when commenting helps you out when commenting on facebook or twitter and impress all of your friends.  They’ll be suprised about how smart you may look online.

It can also help when youre texting. I know that if i don’t use propper grammar when i text it bugs me.

Con- here’s an example of a con comment: “U did good homie” That just sounds unprofessional and you probably won’t get a good grade on it.

It can also lead to bad habits. You don’t want to take those terrible comments to college do you?


t My opinion on the play “Maleficent” is that it was really good. It was basically identical to the actual movie and the lines were the actual ones for the movie. The use of them moving their hands as the trees was also very smart. Choosing a young and older Aurora was also very smart. Madison Schlegel is an amazing actress hands down so her role as maleficent and the dynamics she uses when speaking makes the play even better. Also you can tell when something super special happens because the characters never make eye contact until theres a love connection or something super important happened.

Job Shadowing Experience

My job shadowing experience was great because I visited my old middle school.  The guy I shadowed teaches Social Studies and he also taught me the basics of guitar in 8th grade. He was probably my favorite teacher out of all of Troy. I want to go into the medical field but being able to watch someone teach something helps me with helping others in the long run. I shadowed him from 8-12 and I realized that you have to repeat the same lecture every class which Is kind of boring. Being a teacher is also hard work because you have to grade every kids assignment without them getting mad because you took too long. I also learned that the 8th grade boys have a really strong shoe game, which is kind of scary because they’re only 13.  The girls are really loud too but I probably was like that too in 8th grade. I’m not really sure I want to be teacher though, unless its gym.

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