Job Shadowing Experience

My job shadowing experience was great because I visited my old middle school.  The guy I shadowed teaches Social Studies and he also taught me the basics of guitar in 8th grade. He was probably my favorite teacher out of all of Troy. I want to go into the medical field but being able to watch someone teach something helps me with helping others in the long run. I shadowed him from 8-12 and I realized that you have to repeat the same lecture every class which Is kind of boring. Being a teacher is also hard work because you have to grade every kids assignment without them getting mad because you took too long. I also learned that the 8th grade boys have a really strong shoe game, which is kind of scary because they’re only 13.  The girls are really loud too but I probably was like that too in 8th grade. I’m not really sure I want to be teacher though, unless its gym.

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