Mock Interview Reflection

I do believe these mock interviews helped because you introduced us to the questions we will be asked when applying for a real job. When I was interviewing my classmate I saw what they were doing wrong and made sure that I wasn’t doing it too. I think that having a resume and everything we did in class does help when going to apply for a real job. Plus you gave us a lot of questions so there is lots of possible answers we have ready. I felt like most of us (including myself) need to elaborate more on some of the questions. Also, I felt it was kind of awkward because we all know each other.  For a real interview you should dress to impress because first impressions are all this world is nowadays. You should probably leave your phone in the car too because it would be bad if you were on it. Also be on time, and on time basically means be early because if you’re not early, you’re late. Advice for someone would be to make sure you stay calm and think about what you say before you say it because no one likes a stutterer. I love interviews, interviews are the bomb.

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